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About us

Federal Training Partnership is a professional organization dedicated to the transfer of technology and information exchange. FTP specializes in producing conferences, trade shows, and training events at civilian government and department of defense locations throughout the United States. These events allow attendees to evaluate the latest technology, military hardware, training, and other product areas as well as update their sources for future requirements.

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Working with Federal Training Partnership

Whether your event mission is to deliver a message to other agencies and potential industry users or educate and train your workforce, FTP will work closely with you to create the ideal program. We bring our vast knowledge and industry relationships to enhance your event.

If your agency seeks to share information with internal personnel, other agencies, or industry, FTP helps you meet your goals and deliver. These events are ideal for providing interface and opportunities between your organization and the private sector.

Interested in working with FTP? Fill out our Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps.

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